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What is the best laser level for outdoor use?

When choosing the right laser level for any job, there are several key factors to consider, including the type of work, the location and the conditions in which you’ll be operating.

One of the most common scenarios we get asked about is the best laser level when working outdoors. Whilst the answer will depend to a degree on the specific project, for most outdoor jobs, a rotary laser level, combined with a laser detector, is the best tool to choose. 

Most of the outdoor jobs that require a laser level involve landscaping, surveying, preparing foundations, or levelling ground for construction. The distances involved are often far longer than those of inside projects. Rotary lasers generally have a much longer range than cross-line lasers making them an ideal choice. When paired with a laser detector, the Imex i77R Rotating Laser Level, for example, boasts an impressive 600m range. Having a longer range means you can complete more work without needing to move the level around the site, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Visibility of any laser level is challenging when working in bright conditions. Outside work in ambient conditions can make it very difficult to see any laser over long distances, which is why we always recommend pairing your laser device, whether a rotary level or a line laser, with a detector. Our range of rotating lasers all come with a detector as standard. They are also available as a kit with the tripod and staff so you have everything you need for levelling accuracy.

When using your laser level outdoors, it may be more exposed to the elements so it’s important to consider durability. Check the IP rating – the worldwide standard in classifying the protection of electrical and electronic instruments from shock, foreign objects and water. You can read more about IP ratings in our 10 Frequently Asked Questions article, but broadly speaking, the higher the two digits, the better the rating and the more durable your laser level.

Can I use other laser levels outdoors?

Whilst rotary laser levels are generally the best for outdoor use, it is also possible to use a line laser outdoors for distances of up to 80m (if using an Imex line laser level range). To achieve this range, you will need to use your line laser in conjunction with a detector – the laser can be tricky to see, even over shorter distances, when used in bright light.

Ultimately, whether you make do with a line laser level or invest in a rotating laser level, which is generally superior for outdoor use, is likely to depend on the balance of the type of work you do and where that work takes place. Either way, don’t forget to factor in the detector – a vital part of the kit for this application.

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