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Imex LX3DG Cross Line Laser: A closer look

Find out what makes the LX3DG so popular

The IMEX LX3DG has quickly become our best-selling line laser, and with very good reason. Its range of features makes it a great all-rounder, satisfying the requirements of a whole host of tasks. You can see the full spec on our LX3DG product page, but we thought we’d pull out some of the key features and look at what benefits they bring to the user.

The green line laser

Green line lasers are increasing in popularity, in large part due to the superior visibility of green lasers compared to the more traditional red laser (see our comparison of green vs. red laser levels here). The quality components in our LX3DG generate a super-bright, super-thin laser line with an impressive indoor range of 35m.

This enviable range makes the LX3DG a great line laser for drylining set out and ceiling grid installations, tiling and flooring tasks that often require that extra range. It also makes it a good choice for any task in brighter ambient light which can make seeing a laser line tricky.

360-degree lines

The LX3DG offers the ultimate levelling capability. It generates a full 360° horizontal line and two vertical lines at 90° to each other.

The option for a single beam or multiple beams means this piece of kit can handle:

  • Level/point transfer – great for tiling and ceiling grids
  • Plumb/point transfer – great for electrical light placement
  • Setting square – great for frame placement and straightening, shop fitting and cabinet installation.

The 360° field means you can set the level up once and then you don’t have to keep moving it around the job as you do with some other laser levels. This will ultimately save you time and ensure accuracy throughout.

If you disable the self-levelling function, you can use the laser tool to project a straight laser beam in any orientation. You can tilt it on a tripod and use level lock mode making this the perfect laser level for slopes and 45° angles – helpful for stairs, balustrades and tiling.

Battery life and charging

One of the most frustrating things on-site is not having the right tool available when you need it, so it’s no good if your laser level has run out of battery. The good news is that the LX3DG has the longest run time in its class. It will run for 22 hours for a single beam and still clocks up an impressive 8 hours with all beams on making it good for a day’s work.

It is also the world’s first laser level to take both a lithium battery – charged via USB – and standard AA batteries, so you always have a backup and don’t loose time waiting for it to recharge.

‘Pulse’ mode

If you’re looking for a line laser suitable for outdoor use, the LX3DG offers a great solution, with an outdoor range of up to 80m when used with the line laser detector (purchased separately) in pulse mode. This offers greater flexibility with a single piece of kit capable of handling both indoor and outdoor tasks. It’s a great laser level for patios, fencing, landscaping, window and door placement, and more.

Mounting options

The LX3DG comes with two brackets for increased accuracy and flexibility. The magnetic swivel wall bracket will fix to any universal tripod or laser pole, in either self-levelling or lock mode for fixed angles. There’s also a ceiling grid bracket that can be mounted in elevated positions – perfect for suspended ceiling installs. The adjustable clip mount can be fixed to any flat surface with ease.

The LX3DG: where versatility meets efficiency

The testing and thought that has gone into the LX3DG Laser Level really becomes apparent in use. It’s been described as the “stand-out laser level”* and hopefully you can begin to see why. It’s an excellent choice for tilers, electricians, carpenters, shopfitters, plumbers, interior decorators and builders.

See the LX3DG in action

We’ve collated a few videos of the LX3DG in action so you can get a better idea of what to expect:

Unboxing video from FFX Tools: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atdCHPFjUu4

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCnqVrElC6U – a short training video from ToolsVision

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HC4mNtrAh8Y – The official IMEX product video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiSmnEtlbB4 – and for a lighter-hearted look – compare the old way with the new way – this electrician demos!

*Thank you, Elwood Enterprises!

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