Digital Spirit Levels – Are they a bubble beater?!

The humble spirit level. It’s been responsible for the straight installation of shelves, tiles, pictures, patios and much more in homes across the world since the mid-19th century when it was first factory-made. 

So, if the traditional bubble level has been working so well for so long, why, some might ask, do we even need a digital spirit level? How can the added cost be worth it? 

We can answer that.

5 Advantages of a Digital Spirit Level

  1. Improved precision: digital spirit levels are accurate within less than 1mm per metre (ours are 0.1mm per metre accurate at level), even when measuring overhead. But it’s not so much the accuracy as the digital display which ensures the precision. With the digital display, you can read the exact measurement and it will even tell you which way to move the tool to get things spot-on.
  2. Ease of use: as well as the digital display, there are several other features which make a digital spirit level even easier (and more fun!) than a traditional level to use. Many have an illuminated display, and some feature audio acoustic tilt guidance, giving a buzzer alert when you’re at 0 and 90 degrees (and at 45 degrees if you’re using our EL60 Digital Level. Both features come into their own when you’re working in dark or tight spots.
  3. No need for other angle tools: a digital spirit level can be zeroed at any angle (called setting a false zero). This enables you to set any angle to benchmark against, making it easy to repeat the same angle, perfect for finding the cut angle for handrails, for example.
  4. On-site calibration: if your traditional spirit level starts to lose accuracy, you have little choice but to send it back to the manufacturer for recalibration. If your digital spirit level takes a knock, it can simply be recalibrated on-site using any flat surface, saving you time and ensuring ongoing accuracy.
  5. Customised readings: with the option on many digital spirit levels to change your reading from degrees to percentages and even mm/m, you can save yourself the time and brainwork which might otherwise be needed for conversions.
Imex EL120 Digital Level
Imex EL120

Is a digital spirit level worth it?

Yes, we may be a little biased given that we make digital spirit levels, but we do think that the features we’ve covered do mean that for anyone who reaches for the spirit level on a regular basis an upgrade is well worthwhile. DIYers, handymen and professional tradespeople from carpenters and electricians to tilers and landscapers could all save time, not to mention the frustration of trying to read your level in tricky spaces.

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