Innovative and timesaving tools for tradespeople

We make work easier for tradespeople by bringing to the market demolition tools which are niche and specialist. Their unique features and benefits enable work to be completed faster, quicker and more effectively than before.

Latest Demolition Products

1.2m Gutster Demo Bar

Making demolition easier, safer, and faster. Check out the 1.2 metre (48 inch) Gutster Demo Bar.

1.5m Gutster Demo Bar
Say goodbye to tough, tedious, demolition work. Check out the 1.5 metre (60 inch) Gutster Demo Bar.
Gutster easily removing flooring

The Gutster

Check out the new video for the Gutster Demo Bar!​

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Come and see us at the Toolfair

Aspro Tools will be at the Professional Builder Toolfair, Alexandria Palace, Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th Jan 2020, 10am – 4pm.​

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Gutster demo bar ripping though platerboard wall

Introducing The Gutster Demo Bar

Forget bending down using a hammer and crow bar, backache is now a thing of the past. Check out the Gutster Demo Bar.

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Aspro Tools are a UK based distributor of demolition tools and are the UK agent for ‘The Gutster’, a unique demolition tool designed in the USA.

Aspro Tools’ mission is to bring innovative, time saving tools and products to market and The Gutster is the first product in a demolition focused line-up planned for 2020.

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