Why Leverage Matters When Using a Pry Bar

When using your pry bar to remove and lift items, such as floorboards or slabs, you’ll utilise leverage to get the item initially off the ground.

Using the curve of the claw for stability and your connection to the ground, you’re then able to get underneath the item you’re trying to lift.

Pry bars are built with leverage in mind, with the claw at the end making it that bit easier. They are also typically made from steel, offering longevity, corrosive resistance and maximum strength & force when lifting and moving materials. With atensile strength of up to 1600 Mpa, it’s highly impact-resistant and can be put under a lot of pressure when used for leverage of materials.

The Science Behind Leverage

Without going into too much detail, the design of a pry bar is very specific for leverage to make the balance between the input and output forces perfect. A lever multiplies the force you push one of its ends to lift the loaded other end. Known as a mechanical advantage, it describes the ratio of the force produced by a machine to the force applied to it.

The amount of leverage, or force, you’ll need will depend on what material you’re ripping out, as some stronger or denser materials will need to be removed with a pry bar with room for more leverage.

Why Does Leverage Matter?

Not only does leverage allow you to lift things with ease, thanks to mechanical advantage, but it also can help reduce injury from repetitive work. A pry bar is used for flooring or ceiling, so bending down or leaning back and up for most applications. As you can imagine, this takes a toll on your back and body if misused, so imagine if you then didn’t have the extra helping hand from a pry bar. Repetitive strain from reaching up or bending over, combined with lifting every day, can cause many injuries. Using the science behind leverage, we can keep the workload high and the force used low.

Why Ripper Tools Pry Bars?

Most pry bars have claws that are fitted to one angle, mainly 90 degrees, which is what most jobs would require to get the job done. However, Ripper Tools pry bars have an adjustable claw, indexing over 180 degrees and locking in up to 15 different positions, giving you as little or as much leverage as you require as well as allowing you to work in all kinds of spaces.

Ripper Tools

Ripper Tools was designed to enable work to be done faster, easier and more effectively and suit all abilities.To find out more about the Ripper Tools products, click here.

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