Tips & Tricks for Removing Hardwood Floors

Tips & Tricks for Removing Hardwood Floors

For the quickest floorboard removal, make sure you read our top tips!

For many DIY projects or just construction work in general, there’s a high chance that you might need to remove, or at least get underneath, hardwood floors. Whether you’re looking to replace the flooring entirely or you want to reuse/repurpose the wooden floorboards, there’s a few tips and tricks that should make the job that bit easier.


  • Ripper Tools Pry Bar
  • Circular Saw Blade
  • Mallet
  • Safety Goggles
  • Safety Gloves
  • Knee Pads

Tips for general removal:

It might be easier to cut the boards into smaller pieces to make for quick and simple removal. To do this, you can use a circular saw to start downsizing the boards. Remember to set your saw blade to the same depth as your boards not to damage the subfloor below.

Once you’ve cut your boards into smaller pieces, you’ll only need two tools to complete the rest of the rip-out; a pry bar and a mallet. The mallet will help the pry bar drive a wedge between the floorboards and the subfloor, and the pry bar will help lift the boards. Using a mallet will give you precision and force to help quickly drive the pry bar where you need it to go, instead of using a regular smaller hammer, where the head has a smaller surface area.

Once your pry bar is firmly wedged between, you can start to lift. The best way to remove them in one piece is to rock the pry bar back and forth to loosen the board. If you lift too quickly, there’s a chance that you can snap the board into multiple pieces, making the job take longer than it should do and making for a more significant clean up.

Tips to remove and reuse:

If you’re looking to reuse your hardwood flooring, either in your own home or to sell it on, you need to ensure that you’re careful when removing the flooring. When prying out the boards from the subfloor, it has to be done carefully to not put too much pressure on the material, as otherwise, it has the potential to split. Using the Ripper Pry Bar with an adjustable indexing head means you can slowly but surely pry the boards away with minimal damage. Utilising this tool gives the fork of the pry bar more surface area and, therefore, less strain on a single material area.

As well as this, Ripper Pry Bars also come with nail pullers attached, so you will be able to reuse the boards as if they are brand new.

Ripper Tools:

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