Save Money When Removing Old Kitchen/Bathroom

Save Money When Removing Old Kitchen/Bathroom

Save time and money on bathroom and kitchen renovations by using Ripper Tools pry bars and safety gloves!

If you’re planning to do a spot of renovating this year and don’t want to spend a fortune, you’ve come to the right place. Kitchens and bathrooms are big jobs, but not impossible, and can be done in a cost and time-effective manner. Getting your kitchen ripped out professionally can cost between £120-£240 per day, depending on where you’re based in the UK, and if it’s a bathroom, you’re looking at anywhere between £300-£1000, and this doesn’t include the cost of skip hire! 

Have a proper plan in place

For a remodel to go smoothly, you have to put the work in before you even pick up a tool. This might seem obvious, but taking the time to research and plan your removal and remodel will eventually save you time and money, as well as sticking to your timeline when the work begins. 

Create manageable stages

When you create your plan, try to plan it in manageable stages. For example, it’s not realistic to rip out your entire kitchen or bathroom in one day and be left with nothing. It would be best if you did it in a way that will still allow you to live around the work. For example, you’re working on removing your kitchen and waiting for a replacement. Start with half of the room and replace that, then the second half another day. Not only does this create a more realistic workload, but it also makes for a non-destructive kitchen removal. You’re not potentially wasting money rushing and potentially making mistakes, but also you do not have to pay for extra living expenses. 

When do I get the professionals in?

It’s great to do as much of the removal as possible to keep costs down, but there are some things that it’s better just to pay a professional to do. One payment for a small job is better than the expensive call-out fee if anything should go wrong. Good times to get a plumber in when removing your bathroom would be for the toilet, as there are many times where this could go wrong. 


When looking to remodel, you have to have a good set of tools that will cover an extensive range of uses. As you’ve had time to plan out precisely what you’re going to remove, you should be able to see similar jobs for both a kitchen and a bathroom that pop up; for example, to remove tiles from both, you’ll only need one set of tools. If you’re starting from scratch with a toolkit, it can be expensive, so it’s essential to understand what you’ll need and strike a balance between price, quality, and durability. An excellent place to start is looking at multipurpose tools that can be used in both rooms. Realistically, you’ll need a good quality drill to remove any cupboards and a pry bar for help with any stubborn nails, wall & floor tiles, and floorboards, as well as some good quality safety gloves.

Ripper Tools Pry Bars and Safety Gloves

For a good, multipurpose tool that will help remove nails and tiles, the Ripper and the Claw are the ideal tools. Both feature an indexing head that can turn over 180 degrees and locks in 15 different positions, meaning that you can get to every awkward nook and cranny in your bathroom and kitchen. The Claw bar also has a nail puller on the opposite end, ideal for those stubborn fixings. Both have the ability for speed and precision, depending on how you want to use them and what your renovation requires.

If you’re looking at removing your flooring as well, then the Longhorn is the best tool for you. With a 1.1m handle, you’ll be able to remove your flooring quickly and easily without hurting your back. The Longhorn also comes with a nail puller on the back of the head, which can be manipulated 180 degrees. 

Finally, our safety gloves are built to withstand and be tough. With extra padding on the fingers and the hand, you’re guaranteed safety when working with them on. Just to give extra peace of mind, our gloves are also impact rated, meaning that they can withstand high force with no injury.  

Ripper Tools:

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