How To Use Handheld Demolition Tools

How To Use Handheld Demolition Tools

Your ultimate guide for small handheld demolition tools. 

Despite there being a wealth of larger, machine operated demolition tools available to use, smaller, handheld tools still have their place in demolition projects and construction overall. For smaller spaces or areas that don’t have a power supply or enough ventilation for machine operated tools, the smaller ones, such as the Ripper, come in very handy. As well as this, they are an excellent option for those concerned about the effects of vibration, which is an issue, especially in machine operated handheld tools.

Safety Wear:

Although these tools may not look as dangerous as the machine operated handheld tools, they can still do a fair bit of damage. Ensure that you’re using all the standard safety equipment such as a hard hat, hi-vis vest, protective goggles, safety gloves, and steel toe cap boots as standard for all demolition projects. 

Where To Use Them:

Demolition projects with smaller, more difficult areas to get to, such as staircases and enclosed spaces, give the perfect opportunity for smaller handheld tools to shine. They are also ideal for DIY projects if you’re not prepared to pay out for a battery-operated tool. 

You’ll find demolition bars in all shapes and sizes to suit all types of jobs. For example, the Longhorn bar is ideal for heavy-duty jobs. With an extended bar and a 180° indexing head, you’ll be sure to find this useful on those larger demolition projects. At the same time, the Ripper bar is the perfect everyday demolition bar that everyone should have. You’ll get the same style of force out of this as with the Longhorn, but the shorter bar makes it a much more versatile tool. The Claw bar is the most niche bar on offer, with the head being able to lock in different positions for maximum force and providing itself as a nail puller. 

Ripper Tools:

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