How To Save Time Removing An Old Roof

How To Save Time Removing An Old Roof

Roof removals are tough and long, but here at Ripper Tools we know just how to make every job easier.

Roof maintenance isn’t just about keeping the gutters clean and the tiles in check, but it can actually replacing the entire thing. Your roof should have a life of about 20-25 years, depending on the weather conditions in your area, amongst other factors, so it’s likely that it’s something that you’ll have to do at least once in your lifetime. 

Why Should I Replace My Roof? 

Replacing your roof can be costly, but it’s a necessary investment in terms of time and money to make, and if not done soon enough, it can end up costing even more than budgeted. If you’ve got an old roof, it can lead to various problems within your house, such as accidentally opening up your home to rodents and insects and even reducing your energy efficiency. On a more serious note, if you don’t replace your roof in time, your roof can even collapse in certain conditions or could cause an electrical fire through a leak. 

What Signs Should I Be Looking For?

The easiest to spot and the most obvious sign is if you spot a leak. Water leaking through can be a sign of wear and tear of your roof tiles. Leaks are not always a case of water pouring in but can be spotted through watermarks and mould or mildew on the ceilings or walls. 

A less obvious sign that you need to replace your roof will be through the condition of your roof tiles. If you can see damaged or even missing tiles, you need to look at getting them fixed or replaced, as if left can lead to a total replacement. 

Finally, a good telltale sign is if your roof has lots of mould, moss or fungi on it. This can be from the excess moisture on your roof. If you spot this on your roof, it’s a sign that soon, you will need to think about replacing your roof.

How To Save Time When Removing Your Roof

This is a job that can be done yourself, but it’s a time consuming one, with just the removal task usually taking up an entire day minimum. It’s a laborious process, and you can’t afford to skip, but there are ways to do it, saving time. 

Usually, to remove the roofing tiles and shingle, you’d need a very long list of tools, which not everyone can get their hands on. Now, all you need is one. Introducing the Ripper and the Ripper Longhorn: the perfect tools for quick and hassle-free demolition. To remove roofing tiles, you’d generally use a standard pry bar and go through one, maybe two at a time, but with the Ripper, you can power through multiple tiles at once, making the job a lot quicker and easier. Unlike your standard pry bar, all Ripper products have a mobilised head, so you can adjust the angle to suit whatever is a comfortable working position for you. This simple tool will also double up as a slate ripper and a nail remover.

Standing at 1.1m, well above its pry bar counterparts, the Longhorn is the perfect tool for reaching over to those harder to reach roof tiles without having to climb onto the roof itself and putting yourself in more danger. This tool comes with a built-in, specific nail puller, making the whole process a lot quicker. Designed with a sharp-pointed, slightly spaced out forkhead, it’s ideal for piercing through materials, and with a larger surface area to do so, you’ll be getting through those tiles at lightning speed.

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