How To Remove Fence Posts

How To Remove Fence Posts

Removing fence posts has never been so simple! Using the Gutster Demolition Bars, follow our three simple steps.

Often, you’ll see construction jobs bringing out the heavy duty machinery to remove fence posts, but in reality, you don’t need all of that equipment if you’re just doing a spot of DIY, such as removing an old fence.

What You’ll Need:

Removing the Fence Posts:

Using your shovel, start to dig around the fence post you’re looking to remove. To remove the old fence posts, you’ll need to create space around the front and sides, and if you have access to it, the behind the post as well. If your fence posts are mounted into concrete, dig until you hit this.

When you reach the concrete, get your sledgehammer and start to break up some of the concrete around the edges. If you’re having trouble getting bits of it off with the sledgehammer, you can use your demolition bar and the regular hammer to get a more precise, stronger knock into the concrete.

When you’ve loosened enough concrete from the post and cleared the area, you can get your Gutster 1.2m Demolition Bar and lift the post from underneath. This is much better than trying to lift it out with your hands as if the post has any excess concrete still attached to it; it’ll be very heavy, as well as avoiding injury from trying to do this. When doing this, ensure that you are levering it out onto an area away from you.

Gutster Demolition Bars:

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