Best Tool For Removing Tiles

Best Tool For Removing Tiles

Top quality tile removal tools are hard to come by, so here’s our top tips when purchasing the best tool for removing tiles.

Whether you’re a tradesperson, bathroom fitter, or just looking to do a bit of DIY, getting the right tool for tile removal is vital. Ideally, you’re looking for a method and a tool that can cover both saving the tile and a complete rip out.

Hammer & Chisel

The old faithful hammer and chisel. A good starting point for beginners as well as just starting the job in general. If you’re not looking to save the tiles, the hammer allows you to smash up some of the tiles, giving you an entry point into the wall. If you’re looking to save the tiles, these tools give you the benefit of precision, allowing you to tap and remove the tile, one by one, carefully.

The downfall of this? It can take an age, especially if you’re removing large format floor tiles. If you’re looking at removing the tiles off a fully tiled bathroom, then you’re in for the long haul. Save a few days for this task if you’re using a hammer and chisel alone.

Demolition Fork/Wrecking Bars

This is a popular choice, especially if you’re looking to remove floor tiles, as it allows you to work on the ground without hurting your back from leaning over or kneeling on the floor. Using a wrecking bar does remove tiles easily, but it has every chance of breaking them due to the small surface area, especially in comparison to the size of most floor tiles. As well as this, the tool itself is too big to remove small wall tiles, as the large handle makes it hard to control and be precise when striking the tile, especially when combined with a hammer.

Pry Bars

Pry bars are the best combination of a chisel and a wrecking bar, small enough to be precise but big enough to make the job quick, making them the best tool for removing tiles. Most pry bars come with a wide, chiselled edge that can be driven under the tile, as well as an adjustable handle so that you can get to those more awkward spots. Often, they can be used on their own, but they can also be combined with a hammer, depending on what you prefer.

Ripper Pry Bars

Ripper Pry Bars are designed to make your work quick and easy. They also feature an ergonomic soft feel grip for control and slip prevention, made from top-quality materials. Our Ripper Bar and Claw Bar make for excellent tools to remove tiles easily, both having a head that can move 180 degrees and lock in 15 different positions, allowing you to get in every corner of the room with ease. The Claw also features a nail puller, so you can remove any tough fixtures before you start your tile rip out.

Ripper Tools:

Ripper Tools was designed to enable work to be done faster, easier and more effectively and suit all abilities. To find out more about the Ripper Tools products, click here, or to find a stockist near you, click here.

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