A Few Words

About Us

Making a Difference

Aspro Tools has been founded by a group of passionate individuals who have over 75 years’ experience in the construction and tool industry between them! Their goal, resulting from their extensive experience, is to introduce and provide innovative tools and accessories for the demolition and refurbishment industry.

The first product we have brought to the UK market is The Gutster, a unique demolition tool with multiple uses. Check it out.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to discover opportunity for our customers and to increase our customers revenues through introducing outperforming tools and equipment for the demolition and associated markets.

The company values are the backbone of the company culture and how we go about business every day.

We do it right, properly and to a high standard, we will not compromise our values.

We save our clients time and innovate to bring in real value, we are what we repeatedly do.

We are agile, culture-driven, smart and love communication and feedback.

We hate affluent bureaucracy and wasted time, but we do have lean and well organised and defined processes and systems.

We are outward looking and forward thinking, we don’t limit ourselves based on where we are today.

Ultimately, we are passionate about opening up markets and customers for our customers. Win/Win.

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